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International Guest Teachers in Niyagama House

Future International Guest Reachers, Retreat Hosts & Therapists in Niyagama House


Annika Lundberg & Ann Nordval (Göteborg) | Nov 10 to 17, 2017 | Hatha & Ashtanga Hosted Retreat Week

These two ladies will bring their group from Sweden, therefore I allow myself to copy the information about them directly from their page: ;-).


Annika Lundberg Delägare i Balans Yoga och huvudlärare i Ashtangayoga. Undervisar i Ashtangayoga, Hathayoga, Yinyoga och Meditation. Annika har undervisat i yoga sedan 2000 och fortbildar sig kontinuerligt för sin huvudlärare Petri Räisänen med flera internationellt erkända lärare. Hon har varit på Balansyoga sedan starten 2003 o har varit delägare sedan 2005. Hon undervisar alla åldrar från barn till seniorer.



Annika har med hjälp av yogan rehabiliterat sig själv efter svåra bäckenproblem. Hon brinner för att hjälpa andra att hjälpa sig själva att må bättre. Hon undervisar också i rehabiliterande yoga. Annikas ledord är: ”Alla kan yoga alltid – på ett eller annat sätt oavsett förutsättningar!”


Ann Nordval Delägare i Balans Yoga sedan 2011 och har undervisat i yoga sedan 2009. Undervisar i Ashtangayoga, Hathayoga och Yinyoga samt är huvudlärare i Barnyoga och Tonårsyoga. Ann fortbildar sig kontinuerligt för internationellt erkända lärare och är också Coach med en ICF-certifierad coachutbildning. Hon jobbar med coaching som verktyg att hjälpa människor att stärka sig själva.

Både ungdomar och vuxna, enskilt och i grupp. Ann kombinerar coaching med yogaverktyg vid stresshantering. Ann har också en utbildning som friskvårdterapeut.


Former International Guest Teachers, Retreat Hosts & Therapists in Niyagama House


Dhugal Meachem | Aug 24 to 30, 2017 | "Leap to Lanka" Retreat Week

Dhugal, a fantastic Yin and Yang teacher and trainer, did come for a week with his wonderful students from Hong Kong and USA.

We had a lot of fun, did learn and sweat a lot and enjoyed our time. I was lucky enough to have the chance to participate, due to a last minute cancelation.

Here is what Dhugal wrote about his week here:

"Elke and her team at Niyagama House provide a dream background for any yoga retreat program. With their personal approach to service added to the natural beauty of the environment, Niygama House easily lends itself to personal wellness, relaxation and rediscovery. With lots to do in Galle for the active and a pool and spa for getaway guests, I couldn't recommend it more." 

- Dhugal Meachem - Yoga Teacher Trainer (

Thank you Dhugal & all the best for your next retreats and teacher trainings, Elke



Claire Arbuckle | 26th of Dezember 2015 to 8th of January 2016 | Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and special Workshops

Claire Arbuckle from New Zealand is living right now in London, where she teaches Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow.

She was a fantastic support during our super busy time and did teach all morning classes.






Sabine Bendixen (Germany) | 1st of December 2014 to 30th of April 2015 | Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga and guided Meditation

Sabine Bendixen from Hamburg, Germany, is a certified Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as an amazing Aerial Yoga teacher. She enjoyed long meditation sessions on our roof terrace and offered 'Yoga Nidra - the sleep of the Yogi' Workshops in the afternoons.

Sabine: "We easily lose our balance in our stressful daily lives. Yoga helps us to regain our physical and mental balance."

Niyagama House is hoping to see Sabine back here soon :-)))!!!



Uma (Ute Maria Lerner, Germany) | December 2013 to March 2014 | Reiki - ThetaFloating – Quantum Healing – Healing Meditation

Uma Smile

We are still very happy, that UMA (Ute Maria Lerner) was our guest in Niyagama House! Uma is a German actress, moderator, talker, cultural manager and conciousness coach. In the past years she trained intensively in the field of various conciousness and healing methods.

Further information about Uma you find here: and





Shelley Rillstone (Great Britain) | 24th to 30th of March 2013 | Vinyasa, Hot and Hatha

Shelley was introduced to yoga at the age of 15 and has since spent many years studying with various teachers around the world. After a Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Great Britain in 2009 she has been teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Flow for a few years, followed by an Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

Shelley's classes are dynamic, with a focus on the individual need of the student. She encourages all levels of ability and believes there is a style of yoga for everyone.





Haseena Peer (South Africa) | 19th to 24th of March 2013 | Vinyasa, Hot and Yin Yoga

Haseena embarked on her yogic journey 12 years ago when she began practising Iyengar Yoga. Seven years later she was introduced to Bikram Yoga and became addicted to the heat! After finishing the Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 in Thailand, she instantly began to teach in her own Studio in Port Stepstone, South Africa. Now she teaches at 'The Breathing Space', a beautiful studio in Durban.

Fondly dubbed "Seargeant Major" by her students for her unyielding manner, she guides them with an inexplicable energy full of motivation and inspiration.

Our deepest Gratitude for all these wonderful Awards:

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