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A Courtyard House with a serene, soothing Atmosphere

Niyagama House was build in the traditional style of a courtyard house. The inner courtyard, high ceilings, airy rooms and verandahs in combination with plenty of fresh air and tropical sun make this house a comfortable and tranquil retreat.

Traditional Feng Shui

For a healthy flow of energy the rules of the Sri Lankan ‘Feng Shui’ were followed. A tradition still respected here by many people.

Plenty of Space to Relax

Three Verandhas, the Lounge with its ,Sunset Balcony ' and the roof terrace with 360 degree panoramic view offer plenty of space to relax.

And in case the monsoon visits our hilltop, then you can make yourself comfortable in the spacious living area with a view into the courtyard.

Pool & Garden

From the south verandah you step into the large garden, that surrounds the entire house. Here tropical flowers are growing between shady trees.

The ‘jewel’ of the garden is the large and chlorine-free 9m x 18m (29’ x 59’) pool, purified with an eco-friendly copper-silver-ionisation method. Swim a few sportive laps or for just chill in the shallow areas.

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