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'A Dream Came True'

With creating Niyagama House a dream came true for us and we are delighted about sharing this dream with our guests!

The atmosphere of the highest point in our plantation was always something special and inspiring. After thoughful and loving planning, based upon our architcture, feng shui and construction knowledge, this dream came true in 2012 after two years of construction.

Here we can offer you our expertise in the field of vacation, yoga and hospitality in a perfect mix. And we happily look forward to seeing you here!

“Work is love made visible.”  Khalil Gibran

Our 'Dream Team'

Our team consists of people who love their work. Everyone of them regards his work as an important task, which contributes to the benefit of the whole house. All team members are living in our area, so for them a good balance between work and private life is possible.

Our Vision

Our current vision are many happy guests who are going back home in a perfectly reenergized state of being, full of marvellous holiday memories and inspirations.

Our additional vision is to become one of the best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka.

Our vision for the near future is a large, roofed yoga platform in the middle of the tea plantation.

                                                      "Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."

Jamie Polinetti

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