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22nd of July 2019

It's been a while :-))) that I did post here. One reason was that we had a fantastic peak season with many wonderful guests and many great yoga sessions :-). The other reason is that I am working on our brand new website, including our brand new blog inside of this website :-).

Still I don't want to miss to add the message I just posted on Instagram. You can read the wonderful review from Anna about her stay with us in June more conveniently here:












Hopefully the next news info about us with be posted on the super new website :-).

Love & amaste from the tea plantation,




5th of June 2018

World Environment Day, 5 June 2018: 

Niyagama House is not offering plastic water bottles and plastic straws to their guests. Old rice and chilli bags have been modified into our big shopping bags.

And we constantly are looking for new ideas, planning right now a community school program to teach the small kids.







Inspiration website: and 

May Mother Earth be happy, healthy and free > from single use plastic.

Namaste from the tea plantation, Elke

Please watch and share this great small movie ;-)


4th of June 2018

Time is flying again ..... we are working on a new website design, while also looking back, being very grateful for the wonderful last peak season with so many happy guests ;-). Soon you will find all news in our brand new blog, with more insights about new yoga classes, new detox programs and news about the daily life here in our beautiful Sri Lanka!

Monday Morning Mandala J:-) in combination with mindful eating: our yummy veggie plate with hummus or curd raita. Have an energetic start into the new week guys :-).

Namaste from the tea plantation,









8th of October 2017

The full moon on Oct 5, seen from the charming Galle Fort, hiding behind clouds. Mysterious, energetic, beautiful.










1st of October 2017

Yoga Mandala:

A beautiful ginger flower (Eltlinger Elatior) in the tea plantation of Niyagama House.

Meditate on your October goals and dreams to let them become reality.  

Namaste, Elke








26th of September 2017

A yummy and healthy veggie plate with fresh hummus anyone?


Greetings from the 'Love Kitchen' in Niyagama House :-)!








22nd of September 2017

Honeymoon Bliss at Niyagama House:

E & J enjoyed our 3 Day Yoga Bliss Retreat during their honeymoon, especially the Aerial Yoga Class ;-). All the best to both of you guys!









9th of September 2017

Just a week ago the retreat week with Dhugal Meachem ( / UK, Hong Kong) ended here in Niyagama House.

I am still missing the great Yin and Yang Yoga classes, the wonderful group and the fun we had!

All the best for your future retreats & teacher trainings, Dhugal! And a big HUG to the whole "Leap to Lanka" group!!!

Take care, Elke





14th of August 2017

I am just working on our new 'Tea Menu' for the restaurant and did find this wonderful video on Youtube:

"150 Years Ceylon Tea"

What a great motivation! Enjoy watching this little peace of art!

Maybe also a little bit of tea history? Go ahead and click this link:

Many greetings from the tea plantation,




10th of July 2017

July - time fo harvest the juicy and healthy Rambutan fruit, a 'sister' of the better known lychee.

Harvested in our organic garden as well as from all the trees, growing also in the tea plantation.

Harvested not only by us, but also by our friends, the monkeys and many birds :-).

A healthy and tasty treat, picked fresh from the tree... how wonderful is that?

Come next July and do it yourself :-).





5th of June 2017

It's again cinnamon harvest in the NIyagama plantation. Four men staying almost six weeks here in order to do this special work:

cutting the branches, peeling the outer layer in order to reach the layer below, which is the cinnamon that you will find in the shop after it was dried, packed, brought to the cinnamon collection place and from the to the companies.


Come and try our delicious potato curry with a little twist of cinnamon inside ;-). Yummy!




16th of May 2017

What a wonderful start into the day today:

Sunrise - Meditation facing the sun - a cup of tea surrounded by birdsound - sun salutations on the yoga mat - and the jump into the pool being the final highlight :-)!


Pure bliss in Niyagama House :-)!








June 2016 - April 2017


our 'News-Department' did play the 'Sleeping Beauty' during the last year... But we did not sleep :-).

We did again try our best to make Niyagama House every single day a little bit more beautiful and our guests even more happy.

And our brand new Tripadvisor Awards 2017 are the best proof, that we did a good job with this :-).

A BIG THANK YOU to all, who made this happen with their wonderful reviews!!!





12th of May 2016

Niyagama House is using Solar Power!!!

Since November 2015 we have many solar panels installed on our staff quarters. During all sunny months we can cover approximately 50% of the energy needed for the hotel. We are very happy about that this is possible in cooperation with the Sri Lankan Electricity Board. And we are happy about doing something good for nature!






2nd of April 2016 Award 2015 in March 2016We did it again and are very proud about it:

Our second Award from, which is dependent on all the reviews of our guests booked on!

A very big THANK YOU again :-)))!!!








1st of March 2016

For the third time in row Niyagama House wins the wonderful Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice Award > Happy House :-)))!!! A very big THANK YOU to all our fantastic guests who did take the time to write a review!!!









July 2014 to February 2016....

We were all very fine and Niyagama House full of fantastic guests, just this page with the latest news was sleeping for a while... We promise improvements ;-)!










15th of June 2014

During a Google research about the deeper meaning of the word 'Niyagama',  I stumbled yesterday completely amazed over our first official press release:

A big hug and a huge THANK YOU to our guests Lucy & Nicholas, who were here in November last year. They sent a positive note to this city guide and here is the wonderful result, about which we are extremely happy!




1st of June 2014

After the first successful 15 month in business there is finally time to activate our "Niyagama News" page ;-)!!! And which news could be better than the proud announcment of our Tripadvisor Awards for 2014?!? We are still completely amazed that we achieved them so quickly and will do our very best to manifest the ones for 2015 as well ;-).

A huge THANK YOU to all our guests who took the time for writing a review!!!

And in order to share our happiness, we prepared a Special "Thank You" Offer that is valid for the next six months!




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